Monday, June 14, 2021

Satyr's Head, 2020

 This Satyr bust was designed in late 2019, sculpted shortly thereafter and molded just before everything shut down due to the pandemic.   I spent the rest of 2020 casting, painting and punching hair into it as time allowed.   It's sculpted in Monster Clay, and cast in platinum silicone from Smooth On.   The horns are painted translucent resin.  It's life-sized to a human head.  I had a great time making this guy, and hope to do more silicone heads as time allows.   You can see the original maquette in grey chavant clay, I find it very helpful to start with a small 3D model, rather than an illustration.   However, it is also based on an illustration I did circa 2016,"Satyr's Hollow", which I am posting at the bottom of this group.