Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Giant Fisherman"

Or "Oni".

I recently finished this one. It's roughly two foot tall, and nearly killed its creator in the making.

I'm glad this thing is done.

Photography by Steve Unwin.


Or "The Pond Spirit's Wife" or "Madame Toad".

I recently had a few weeks off work, during which time I finished up some things that had been sitting around. I've been wanting to do something involving a toad for a long time, since I thought the textures would be fun to do and the paint job would be a good challenge.

The female character on top is something I had come up with way back when, and I decided now was a good time to finally give her a three-dimensional debut. She makes a good foil for Mr. Fatty Fatty Toad Pants. The sculpture is partly a nod to Grimm's fairy tales, as frogs and toads figure very strongly in those stories.

A turning point for this piece was when it occured to me to put a Thai style hat on the little frog girl's head.

Photography by Steve Unwin


A new piece I finished, the base is about the size of a dinner plate. More pictures to come...

Photographs by Steve Unwin