Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mr. Sprinkles

The ill-famed, chain smoking half-ape, pictured here in his later years. Plus, some narcissistic phone doodling!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

"A Pungent Character"...my Gnomon Dvd

At the end of last year I had the good fortune of doing a Masterclass for the Gnomon Workshop, in which I spent about 11 hours sculpting this totally sexy character in front of the camera. The tutorial (running time about 3 hrs, not 11!) is now available as a Dvd from the Gnomon website, which is here:


If you think my Dvd might be interesting and/or helpful, please give it a look!

Thank you to everyone at Gnomon Workshop, Scott Spencer for all his help, and Richard Taylor, Wayne Barlowe and Jamie Beswarick for their kind words.

New Old Stuff

The last one? I ran out of clay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

`Mengland' Update


Been stupid busy lately, but here's a few pieces of news I shoulda mentioned sooner...

A few more pieces of mine ("Cellar God", "Bully" and "Man with Dogs") have been added to the White Cloud Worlds exhibition at the Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. You can find more details about the show and the book at:


And recently I was very privileged to be invited to record an online master class for the Gnomon Workshop, wherein I demonstrate the sculpting of a head/shoulders bust of a fantasy character, from start to finish. It was recorded around Christmas time last year, and I had a blast working with the Gnomon guys and getting it done.

I did an interview about it last week at www.cgchannel.com

For more info on signing up for the Gnomon 2011 Masterclasses, please visit:


They start this Friday,February 11th, and will be up online for two weeks. I'm one of twelve artists whose demos will be available for those who sign up, along with my fellow workmates and Weta Workshop designers Paul Tobin and Scott Spencer. If you're interested, give us a look!